Benefits of Solid Wall Insulation

  • Savings of up to £460 per annum on your energy bills
  • Reduce up to 33% heat loss
  • Straight forward and quick installation process
  • Save up to 1900kg of CO2 per year
  • Significantly improve the appearance of your home
  • Add value to your property

Solid Wall Insulation Explained

Wall Insulation

Solid wall insulation is essentially a layer of insulating material fixed to the exterior walls with adhesive and mechanical fixings, covered in a render coating with reinforced mesh, followed by a decorative coating. The insulation will provide your home with warmth, while the cladding will give your home a new clean appearance. Solid walled properties are built with stone, brick or concrete and do not have a cavity, or have a very narrow cavity that cannot be filled with standard insulation techniques. Properties with solid walls are generally inefficient when it comes to retaining heat and energy bills can be high.


Our recommended installer technicians will remove fixtures such as hanging baskets, satellite dishes, concrete sills from the outside of the property, then apply solid wall installation boards with an adhesive and reinforced mesh, before applying an ‘acrylic’ or ‘dash’ render to give the property a brand new look. Finally, all fixtures will be replaced.


Costs of installing solid wall insulation vary from company to company, but the main factor is the type and size of the house. For example, a mid terraced property will cost less to insulate than a large detached house. Fortunately, at ECO Energy Wales, we work with a network of Installers throughout Wales and the UK and can find you the best deal with a well-established Installation company.

All work carried out by our network of installers is guaranteed for 25 years under the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Association (SWIGA) guarantee.

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